The Problem:

Where are your most precious valuables and documents?

Are they in your home or office safe?

Ever increasing theft and robbery with violence is a threat to each one of us. A safe in the home or office creates a
high risk enviroment.

1. Your safe is not safe :

Ours is :

Cash, firearms, collectables: jewellery, stamps, rare coins, etc. keys, documents: I.D. documents, your will, contracts and leases - professional materials: corporate records, blueprints, CD's, data and patent materials…

Safe-keep your valuables, cash and documents away from home, and make sure that you can access them safely and conveniently, day or night.

The Reserve Holdings safe deposit box service will do this for you. Your valuables are safe, no matter where in the world you are, or for how long you're away.

2. Open 6 days a week

3. Installation designed to meet safe custody needs of everyone

4. Your identity is protected by Swiss banking procedure

5. South African Bureau of Standards accreditation

The Reserve Holdings safe deposit box service is used and recommended by major banks and insurance companies.
So you can… SAVE on your insurance premiums

6. SAVE on your insurance premiums :

Save up to 90% on your insurance premium. We conform to the insurance requirements of Santam, Mutual & Federal
and SA Eagle insurance companies. You have more convenience, security and personal safety at less overall cost.

7 .Security you can bank on:

Your access is safe and direct. You are identified by mind and body only, your identification cannot be lost, stolen or left at home.

8 . You access by :

+ A personal access code
+ Face verification
+ 3-D hand geometry verification 

Your safe deposit box is locked in our high-tech security vault, alarmed by state-of-the-art sensors and linked to several armed response agencies.

Our guards are at your service and all activity at Reserve Holdings is under recorded surveillance. Your safe in the vault can be locked and unlocked by you alone.

The vault is climate controlled to conform to the international standards of fine art conservation.

We use "Swiss Bank" administrative prodecure. Your name does not appear in the database, it is replaced by a code.
Your identity is kept secret.


You may store your own Safe in the vault